Beauty Underneath

Jacqueline Jackie Baldwin.
I'm fifteen years old, living in Lima, Ohio.
I attend William McKinley High School as a sophomore.
Head of the Art Club.

[RP account. I am not Emma Watson. I don't own anything.]

For your information, it isn’t an entire shelf.


I hate you.

Of course you do.


Sports is not my forte, Jacks!

That’s like, August talking about vagina…vaginae…?

Pfft. All right, fine. No sport, no vaginae.

Just try to be a bit more… hetero, please. I already have to defend my reasoning for hanging around the two of you; don’t make it worse.


Don’t compare my masculinity to those sex addicts.

There’s nothing to compare, sweetie.


You mean like Teet?

Does it honestly matter which rabbit has more testosterone than you?


You’re just as bad as he is. Would it kill you to talk about sports or something? I mean, really. You’re discussing fashion right now.



I’ve met bunnies more manly than you.

Five minutes. I am asking for five minutes of heterosexuality, please. Can’t the two of you talk about something masculine for a change?

I don’t know what to do. 


I can’t—I can’t go back to that house.  Not now…

Oh my god, I can’t stop shaking.  It feels like my whole world is crumbling down around me.

I need to get out of here.

Cora, are you going to be all right? Do you need a place to stay? Granted, my home isn’t the best when it comes to having company, but the door is always wide open for you. And, well, I’m here to listen or help you get your mind off of things..

vickirofsky replied to your post: How many cheerleaders does a squad need?

We need cannon fodder for our routines. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing.

Willing to be shot out of a cannon? Geez.. People must really be hungry for the uniform’s power.

How many cheerleaders does a squad need?

haha, aww poor kitty!

Oh, she’ll be fine. She just ate some of my paint while I wasn’t home. Once it’s out of her system, everything will be back to normal. >_<


Is Elizabeth your grandmother, Jacqueline?  Rory told me that August is partial to elderly females.

She’s a cat, actually. Though I can see where Rory gets that idea; the Doily Corner isn’t exactly a show for young men.

Elizabeth just puked all over the rug.. She’s such a charmer. I really can see why August insists that they are meant for each other; I’m always cleaning up after the two of them.